Apr.2014 High speed injection molding machines were installed used for middle and small range thin wall light guides.
Aug.2013 Fiscual year 2013 Kyoto Manufacturing Technology Support Subsidy was granted for "flexible light guide control technology development".
Jul.2013 Fiscal year 2012 Manufacturing Small and Medium sized Enterprises Development Support Subsidy was granted.
High performance light guide LED illumination module development
Film insert moldings, manufacturing method and Liquid crystal display device (Patent P5325616)
Apr.2013 "Flexible light transmission device, multiple flexible light transmission device, illumination device and solar panel receiver" (Patent P5255368)
Sep.2012 Dongguan Shimada Precision Co.,Ltd. was established.
Jul.2012 PT. JS CREATIVES was established.
Fiscal year 2012 strategic basic technology enhancement support business was granted. (Supporting Industry) <
"Development of molds and materials for high performance Fresnel lens"
Dec.2010 "Light guide with small lens array, Photo irradiation device and Liquid crystal display" (Patent P4638815)
Jul.2010 Silver prize was awarded with Panasonic Co.,Ltd. ECO/VC activity "Challenge for TV cabinet production the best in the world"
Apr.2010 SMDP MALASIA SDN BHD was established.
Dec.2009 Participate fiscal year 2009 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry commissioned projects and Supply Chain resource saving collaboration promotion business.
Dec.2008 Fiscal year 2008 Kyoto Small and Medium sized Enterprises excellent award sponsored by Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kyoto industry 21 was achieved.